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How to Activate Velocity Com on Amazon Fire TV Roku & Android?

Velocity com is a “masculine” vehicle network. The first 24-by-7 HD cable network was Discovery HD Theater. HD channels were linked. Discovery bought Activate Velocity, which became MotorTrend.

“Motor Trend” offshoot. The channel shows autos and motorsports. We cover in this post. Here’s how to activate Velocity.

How does Velocity com work?

Velocity is available to watch on a number of different cable and satellite television services, as well as on AT & T TV, Hulu With Live YouTube TV TV, and YouTube TV. Visit in order to get Velocity up and running on your Apple, Roku, FireTV, or Android TV device.

Velocity is an automotive network that caters to “high-end males.” The first HD cable network that was available around the clock was Discovery HD Theater. In the past, the station broadcast HD programming through its affiliates. After Discovery acquired Velocity’s publisher, the publication was renamed MotorTrend and given a new look. Included in the programming at the moment are motorsports events. Velocity is available on services such as Fubo TV, Hulu with Live YouTube TV, TV, Philo, AT & T TV, Sling TV, and various IPTV, cable, and satellite providers.

How to Activate Velocity Com?

“” can be seen in this spot.

  • Speed Channel can be turned on by going to
  • You’re now on the page where you can turn on the Velocity Channel.
  • Choose an activation segment from a page (located at the centre).
  • Put the activation code here.
  • To turn it on, click “Activate.”
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to turn on your channel.

Velocity Com is available on Roku

  • Start by turning on your Roku.
  • If you press “Home,” the home screen will appear.
  •   Tap “Streaming Channels” and then “Roku Channel Store.”
  • Find Motor Trend in the list of channels.
  • Startup the app on your Roku.
  • When you log in to Motor Trent  So you’ll be given a code to use.
  • Go to on any device that can connect to the internet.
  • You’re now on the page where you can turn on the Velocity Channel.
  • Here is where you can enter your Velocity Channel activation code.
  • To turn it on, click the “Activate” button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to turn on Motor Trends or Velocity.

Velocity Channel on Apple TV

To begin, go to the Apple TV App Store and look for Speed. App Store Search is the best way to find it.

Download and set up the programme once you’ve located it.

Next, if necessary, enter into your Velocity account and open the Velocity TV application. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to copy the code.

On your phone and computer, go to

Visit if your activation page isn’t “”

After copying the 7-digit number, enter it and press the “activate” button.

Velocity on Amazon Fire TV 

  • Go ahead and turn on your Amazon Fire TV device.
  • Find Motor Trend on the channel list.
  •  Click Install to install programmes once found.
  • Launch the app once it’s been installed.
  • The Fire TV activation code comes after opening the app.
  • Keep track of the codes.
  • Go to on your web browser to activate your account.
  • On the Velocity Channel activation page, you’ll find instructions on how to get started.
  • Here you can enter the activation code for your Velocity Channel.
  • Click “Activate” to begin the activation process.
  • To activate your channel, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

 Velocity Com on Android TV

On the Android TV Play Store, look for Speed. You can download and install the Play Shop app on your TV.

Type “Motortrend” if “Velocity” fails to locate the item.

Open the Speed app on your TV after installing it and sign in (if prompted).

Then, copy the activation code and open a browser.

Type into your browser’s URL bar.

Visit if does not take you to the activation page.

Input the copied code on the activation page and click Activate. To activate Velocity on Android TV, follow the on-screen instructions.

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