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unreal-mobile:What You Need to Know About Unreal Mobile in 2022

unreal-mobile: UNREAL Mobile’s phone plans feature limitless everything, including 2G data rates after high-speed data is used up. Neither network currently allows mobile hotspots.

UNREAL Mobile’s initial plans included a VPN, ad blocker, data saver, and data rollover. Many of the features became paid add-ons later. VPNs encrypt and secure internet connections. It prevents unauthorized access to your calls, texts, and data. Ad blockers prevent adverts on websites and mobile apps. Data saver compresses and saves internet data. Data rollover lets subscribers use leftover data from one billing cycle in the next. The monthly rollover is limited to 500MB. These functionalities have been removed.
Unreal Mobile uses T-Mobile and AT&T’s networks. FreedomPop founded the company in 2018. It’s a premium product at a cheap price. Red Pocket Mobile just bought Unreal Mobile and FreedomPop.

Early 2020 saw Red Pocket Mobile’s first major Unreal Mobile move. Subscribers no longer need VoIP for phone calls. All new Unreal Mobile subscribers got VoLTE over the underlying carrier’s cellular network. Phone calls and SMS messages no longer require an app download.

“Unreal Mobile” from FreedomPop now has AT&T SIM cards.

MVNO FreedomPop’s Unreal Mobile service now offers AT&T SIM cards to consumers.

FreedomPop debuted Unreal Mobile on Sprint’s CDMA network this year. Mobile World Live reports that Unreal Mobile has 50,000 customers so far. But the CDMA contract limited network devices.

Customers with GSM handsets can now access Unreal Mobile using their AT&T SIM cards. At AT & T, GSM SIM cards cost $4.99. Unreal Mobile sells smartphones.

FreedomPop launched

In response to the T-Mobile/Sprint merger to give a competitive alternative.

  • For example, 1 GB of high-speed internet costs $10 per month, 2 GB costs $15, and 5 GB costs $30.
  • Each package includes Wi-Fi calling, OTT streaming, mobile ad blocking, and a free VPN.
  • International calling is included but not roaming.

FreedomPop’s SVP of strategy and carrier partnerships said, “A year ago, Sprint wouldn’t have let us offer Unreal.” Sprint and T-regulatory Mobile’s clearances are pending until they can prove competition won’t suffer. Therefore, FreedomPop’s infrastructure allows huge corporations like Dish to develop new MVNO brands in months, so we used it.

Review of the mobile phone service

FreedomPop released Unreal Mobile in 2018, and it works with AT&T and T-Mobile. As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, they use the big US networks to offer cheaper plans.

Red Pocket Mobile, another MVNO, bought both of these low-cost carriers in 2019.

We’ve answered all of your questions below, including ones about plans and prices, to help you decide if Unreal Mobile is right for you.

All Prepaid Plans with No Credit Check for a Single Line

  • There is a $10 price for the first month of service for new customers who want to try this plan.
  • Buy more, save more. You can buy three months for $13 per month, 12 months for $120, or $10 per month.
  • After your high-speed data is used up, you can use 2G data for free.
  • The amount of high-speed data allotment is the same per billing cycle. One billing cycle is 30 days.
  • This includes VoLTE, HD Voice, WiFi calling, hotspot, and FaceTime over cellular data.

Unreal Mobile has a lot of advantages.

Unreal Mobile plans are a good value if you want excellent mobile service.

  • MVNOs offer economical cell phone plans for any budget. Depending on your needs, prices start at $10 a month.
  • We’ve compiled Unreal Mobile’s features and perks to help you choose.
  • T-Mobile and AT&T networks offer nationwide coverage.Unreal Mobile’s coverage map shows if AT&T or T-Mobile has better service in your area.
  • Priceless: Unreal Mobile SIM cards have cheap plans. Unreal Mobile has the same services and coverage as AT&T or T-Mobile, but it might save you $600 a year.
  • Contract-free: Prepaid carriers don’t require long-term contracts. If you don’t like your plan, there are no contract limits.
  • If you want to upgrade your cell phone, you may find the latest prices on the top Unreal Mobile phones. like a big network’s phone and plan package, but cheaper.
  • Unreal Mobile’s “bring your own phone” plans allow you to avoid upgrading your phone. Check your phone’s compatibility.
  • Simple installation Online, buying an Unreal Mobile SIM starter kit is quick. Once your SIM card arrives, you may set it up in a few steps.
  • Most MVNOs offer unlimited calls and text.
  • T-Mobile or AT&T 4G LTE data speeds are available.
  • Unreal Mobile 5G plans include 5G high-speed data if you have a suitable handset (where accessible).
  • Unreal Mobile’s unlimited plans give you unlimited everything for half the price of AT&T or T-Mobile’s.
  • Most prepaid carriers give a discount for multiple lines, making Unreal Mobile family plans an excellent money-saving alternative.
  • Support: Unreal Mobile reviews show what current customers think.
  • Compare Unreal Mobile offers and coupon codes to check current savings, but these change often.


Unreal Mobile only has a small number of phones for sale. Most are several generations old, and Samsung and Apple are just two of the brands that make them.

It’s fine to bring your own device. Phones that work on the Sprint or AT&T networks will work fine on UNREAL Mobile as long as they are not under contract and have been paid off in full. Some Apple, Motorola, and Samsung phones that can be used anywhere in the world are also compatible. Unlocked phones from T-Mobile will also work with GSM-based plans from UNREAL Mobile.

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