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The 18 Best New Christmas Movies of 2021

If you start putting up the Christmas tree lights as soon as the weather drops below 60 degrees, you’re in for a treat in the next six weeks. This year, a record 146 new Christmas movies will be released before Santa even lands his sleigh on our roofs, which is reason enough to celebrate the spirit of the season.

Suppose you multiply 146 movies by the average 90-minute runtime of a holiday film. In that case, we’re looking at a total of 219 hours of movie time premiering this year—a little more than nine days straight through—making it not impossible, but highly unlikely, that most of us will be able to catch them all, at least if we’re trying to see them before Christmas. Will my family attempt it anyway? Without a doubt. We’re popping some corn right now. However, in order to make things a little easier,

I’ve compiled a list of the 12 new Christmas movies that I’m most thrilled to see this holiday season.
So carefully arrange your stockings by the chimney, roast some chestnuts over an open fire, and settle down for the finest Christmas movies of 2021.

You, Me and the Christmas Trees:

This one debuted in October because you know Hallmark is on to something (the idea being that Christmas technically starts before Halloween). Danica McKellar from The Wonder Years (did you know she found a mathematical theory named after her?) stars as an evergreen tree scientist entrusted with saving a generational family Christmas tree farm from a deadly sickness that threatens to ruin Christmas/their livelihoods. Will there be love, preferably with a rugged-but-traditional Christmas tree farmer who reminds her of the true meaning of the season? I certainly hope so!
The premiere date is October 22nd.

Christmas in Harmony

Before you inquire about the title, this is indeed a Christmas film about a choir. But don’t worry, the main character’s name is likewise Harmony. Person-named-Harmony is specifically chastised into auditioning for a Christmas chorus that turns out to be headed by her ex-boyfriend. I anticipate that there will be many different interpretations of the word “harmony.” And Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams is in it! What a lovely combination.

The premiere date is October 29.

Love Hard


The script in this film is surprisingly light for the genre, and it stars Jimmy O. Yang, your new favorite male rom-com protagonist. For a website, Natalie (Nina Dobrev) records her horrible online dating life in Los Angeles. However, she believes she’s broken the unfortunate run by matching with utter Tinder smoke show Josh. But when she comes to New York to surprise him, it turns out the person duped her in the profile images’ childhood pal. He agrees to set Natalie up with Photo Man—a guy realistically named Tag—in exchange for her agreeing to pose as Josh’s girlfriend in front of his family. I’m sure you can anticipate what happens next, but it’s a joy to see it develop. The dream boyfriend and superb ab-haver also appear as a bonus. The premiere date is November 5th.

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star


The Princess Switch franchise’s first two installments followed Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy the Princess of Belgravia, Margaret the Queen of Montenaro, and Lady Fiona Pembroke as they got into various Christmas doppelgänger shenanigans. Princess Switch 3, on the other hand, radically deviates from this storyline by including no lookalikes at all, instead featuring a lone Vanessa Hudgens embarking on Christmas-themed romps all by herself. Just joking, it’s doppelgänger territory once more, this time with a dashing burglar. Vanessa Hudgens is the most hardworking woman in the Christmas movie industry. The premiere date is November 18.

Christmas With a Crown

This Lifetime movie will cross off many Christmas movie checkboxes: A big-city businesswoman returns to her tiny, quiet village to resurrect its holiday festival, where she meets a dashing stranger who wants to discover what Christmas is all about. Oh, and it turns out he’s a royal family member. “One of her parents loved Christmas and is now gone, so the holiday brings back bittersweet emotions for her,” the smart money says. We’ve seen it a thousand times and would happily watch it a thousand more. The premiere date is December 8th.

Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune

This year was challenging, but one unexpected bright spot was Reba McEntire’s Rebassaince. (if you’ve been on TikTok in the previous several months, you know what I mean). End Reba’s year on a high note with this country-fried Christmas film about a mother who resurrects her ex-band husband for one memorable Christmas play. The premiere date is November 26th.

The Great Christmas Switch:

We hope you haven’t grown tired of Christmas twins-switching-places movies yet, because we’ve got another one on the way! This one, which airs on the newish GAC Family channel, stars two very different twins who get to spend a holiday in each other’s shoes, only to discover that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. The premiere date is November 6.

A Castle for Christmas:

Brooke Shields plays a successful author whose most recent book was a flop. But! She gets re-inspired following a trip to Scotland and the discovery of a for-sale castle complete with a hot Duke with a ‘tude, played by Cary Elwes. The surprise is that he refuses to leave before Christmas, so they must live together for 90 days. It’s the holiday season!  It’s all wonderful, but let’s be honest: this film got you at “Brooke Shields,” didn’t it?The premiere date is November 26.

A Boy Called Christmas:

A fantastic, imaginative, and quite big-budget Christmas film about a young child who inspires the rest of the world to believe. It has a Narnia-like appearance. Dame Maggie Smith and a slew of other well-known British actors also make cameos. The premiere date is November 24th.

Single All the Way:

Queer Christmas movies can be hit-or-miss, especially since so many of them insist on ultimately being about how straight people can overcome their own homophobia, even in the 2020s. It just feels like an outdated concept to keep harping on when there are so many more amazing stories of LGBTQ holiday antics yet to be told. That’s what makes this one appear so entertaining: It’s about a guy whose family is always saddened by the fact that he’s alone at Christmas, so he takes his closest buddy home to pretend he’s his lover. The family is not taken in, but surprised! His mother (Kathy Najimy) put him up on a blind date with a handsome man! Nonetheless, flames ignite between him and his closest buddy for the first time, forming a romantic Christmas love triangle. Jennifer Coolidge appears as a special treat for viewers.

Blending Christmas

Blending Christmas, one of the most anticipated new movies this holiday season.Hits all the right notes when you imagine a “made-for-TV Christmas movie.” This is primarily owing to its very bizarre stunt casting, which includes various members of The Brady Bunch’s original and film versions, playing as Haylie Duff’s family, who surprise her at a resort where her fiancé prepares to propose.

The premiere date is December 12th.

Home Sweet Home Alone:

Local, open mic comedy nights over the last decade have seen many a tight-10 based on the simple question.  “What if Home Alone, but a current day?” Generally, everyone believes that, because of the prevalence of cell phones, all misconceptions concerning left-behind children would have been straightened up before someone got on a plane. No complex booby traps needed, crisis averted, and to all a happy night.

This year, though, Disney+ decided to take their stab at answering that issue with Home Sweet Home Alone. And what was their response? No, not mobile phones, but “pathos for the thieves,” because these robbers aren’t scumbags; they’re parents! Who want to provide a lovely Christmas for their children when one of them has lost their job! Everything is just a massive misunderstanding between a loving couple who are down on their luck. And guess what? Fine. Yes. I agree. The premiere date is November 12.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas:

Everyone enjoys an excellent Christmas episode of their favorite television program. Although NBC’s musical comedy Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist was canceled this year. The program is getting a second chance thanks to…a Christmas film! The film will continue up to where Season 2 ended (with all those cliffhangers), with Zoey (spoiler warning) experiencing her first holiday season without her dad. The original cast.  Including Jane Levy, Skylar Astin, Alex Newell, John Clarence Stewart, and Bernadette Peters, is back, so musical enthusiasts should not miss this. The premiere date is December 1.

Under the Christmas Tree:

Lifetime is broadcasting its first Lesbian holiday romance this year, continuing its trend of firsts with LGBTQ Christmas material. A small-town resident and a bit of a workaholic learns that her beloved Christmas tree has been chosen to be chopped down and relocated for the governor’s holiday party. While she first bangs heads with the tree expert. Sparks can’t help but fly as the ladies fall in love (with some encouragement from a pastry chef, played by Ricki Lake). The premiere date is December 19.

A Naija Christmas:

Three Christmas romances are included in this Nigerian film for one. Following their mother’s health crisis. Three brothers hurry out to locate wives before the Christmas break to fulfill what may be her dying request. The film is bound to be hilarious Nollywood films are almost always hilario and it includes a slew of well-known actors. Including the late Rachael Oniga as the mother.

The premiere date is December 16.

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