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Turner Classic Movies, or TCM, offers free movies and TV shows. Streaming devices can access U.S. content. Download and activate TCM at

TCM can be streamed on many devices. Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox, DirecTV, iPhone, Android TV, and more can stream TCM shows by using the code.

Here’s how to activate TCM using the activation code. TCM Channel-enabled devices How to download the TCM app to view TV episodes, movies, and more.

How to turn on TCM at

TCM is now available on more than 150 different platforms. But you need to get the TCM app on your device before you can stream your favorite TV shows and other content.

  • Once you’re done, a TCM activation code will pop up on your TV screen.
  • Write it down or make a copy of it before you check out what’s new in the Turner Classic Movies store.
  • To enter the activation code, go to or

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Requirements for TCM Activation:

Here is a list of what you need for to work on smart devices:

  • Make sure that your device has a strong connection to the internet.
  • Get the latest version of the TCM application by clicking here.
  • A list of TV providers that allow the TCM channel app to be streamed
  • Make sure you have signed up with one of the cable TV companies.
  • You might need to go to another device and enter the activation code.

How to Find the Code to Activate TCM at Code:

To activate TCM, get the activation code at The TCM com activate code is a 5-digit code submitted at

  • The activation instructions link to the authorized website (as guided above).
  • Select the activation platform on the main page.
  • TCM is on Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku.
  • Enter the code after selecting a streaming device.
  • Enter the device’s activation code.
  • Select your TV provider to watch TCM.
  • Once activated, you can stream movies and TV on various devices. activate on Roku, Xbox, Android TV, Amazon, and

Apple TV

Activating TCM at is simple. To activate a channel on your smart device or TV, just follow some basic steps. Here’s how to enable TCM on Roku, Xbox, Fire TV, Apple TV, Vizio, and more.

How to Make TCM Active on Your Roku

Activating TCM on Roku is easy if you go to Just follow the steps below.

  • Press the button on your Roku remote that says “Home.”
  • Click the option “Streaming Channels.”
  • Open up the Roku Channel Store.
  • Go to the option that says “Search channels.”
  • Look for the TCM Channel app and add it.
  • Open the TCM app on your Roku and copy the code.
  • Go to in a browser.
  • On the page to set up the Roku, click the Roku icon.
  • You’ll be sent to
  • Enter the code to turn on the TCM.
  • Click Submit.

Now, you can watch exclusive TCM shows on Roku by using the activation code to log in to the watchTCM service.

Use to set up TCM on your Apple TV.

Yes, activating TCM on Apple TV is easy. Follow this article’s activation steps:

  • Open Apple’s App Store.
  • Look for the TCM app.
  • Download TCM.
  • Launch TCM Apple TV.
  • Copy the received channel code.
  • Choose an Apple TV.
  • Enter the TV code.
  • Click Submit.

After completing the steps above, sign in to TCM to get the best channel shows and content on Apple TV.

How to Install and Activate on an iPhone

Here’s how to turn on TCM on your iPhone if you have an Apple smartphone and want to stream it whenever you want.

  • Open your iPhone’s App Store.
  • Find the app by searching for TCM.
  • Next, get the TCM channel app and open it.
  • Get the code for turning on the channel.
  • Go to the page at
  • Enter the code, and you can start watching the most popular videos on the channel.

Activate on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Follow these instructions to activate TCM on your Amazon FireStick. TCM activation steps

  • Enter TCM Firestick app into the search bar.
  • Find the TCM app.
  • Install TCM on the Firestick.
  • The code is in the TCM app.
  • Copy the activation code displayed.
  • Visit
  • Use a Firestick.
  • Enter the TCM code.
  • Done!
  • After submitting the code and having your TV provider activate the channel, you can watch TCM on your Amazon Fire Stick.

Turn on the Classic Movie Channel on your Android TV.

Here’s how to activate TCM on Android TV:

  • It launches Google Play on Android TV.
  • Install TCM by searching.
  • Launch TCM.
  • Copy the TV-displayed activation code.
  • Mobile browser:
  • TCM content on Android TV needs an activation code.

 Channel on PS4

Follow these steps to activate TCM on PS4:

  • First, select PS4 > TV > Video.
  • If you haven’t downloaded TCM, Download TCM’s app from the Playstation store.
  • Select your TV provider from the options to acquire the activation code.
  • Visit on your phone and enter the code.

Android Phone TCM Access

Yes! You can also turn on TCM on your Android phone by following the steps below.

  • Tap on your phone to open the Google Play Store.
  • Visit TCM and choose the app.
  • Set up, and then start the TCM app for Android.
  • On the official activation page, you need to type in the code.
  • You can get to through your web browser.
  • Now, you can get to TCM by typing in the activation code.

Use the activation code, and how TCM is activated on Xbox.

The specific steps you must take to activate TCM on Xbox are shown below:

  • Sign in to your Xbox account first.
  • Choose Search under the Store tab.
  • In the search box, type TCM.
  • Choose “Get it free.”
  • Wait till your Xbox device has the TCM app installed.
  • Launch the application after installation.
  • A special activation code will then appear.
  • Visit now.
  • In the designated space, enter the code.

Have trouble activating TCM? Some Tips on What to Do

  • To get a fresh activation code, remove and reinstall the TCM app.
  • Make sure your gadget is online.
  • Check all system prerequisites.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
  • Contact your TV provider if nothing works.
  • TCM offers technical support.

TCM on Vizio TV is available at

  • To activate TCM on Vizio,
  • Internet-enable your device.
  • Press V to open the App Store.
  • Find TCM.
  • OK to install and launch the channel.
  • Open your VIZIO’s TCM app.
  • Now enter the activation code.
  • Visit on your computer/phone/tablet.
  • Cable TV provider login.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate.

What’s TCM?

Turner Classic Movies, or TCM, is a paid movie subscription service in the United States. It is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. The network was started in 1994, and its headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, in the Midtown business district. Turner Classic Movies is a place where you can find all of Hollywood’s old movies and shows. You can also stream new and old movies and shows through the network. You can easily watch My Man Godfrey, The Apartment, Mounted Police Charge, How to Marry a Millionaire and a lot more on this American channel.

TCM classic films:

TCM has many great movies. Here’s a list of popular TCM movies. Choose one and start your entertainment trip.

  • 1954 film A Star is Born.
  • 1973’s Westworld
  • 1932’s Trouble in Paradise
  • 1939’s Stagecoach
  • 1955’s Bad Day at Black Rock
  • 1945’s Mildred Pierce
  • 1933’s King Kong
  • 1963’s The Thrill of It All
  • 1961’s Splendor in the Grass
  • TCM’s weekly schedule is on


How to watch TCM shows for free on live stream

  • Go to to activate your account.
  • Now, go to the screen and click on the icon that says Watch Live.
  • Choose a service for your TV.
  • Use the login information to sign in.
  • You can stream live TV from your TCM channel.

How does Watch TCM work?

The Watch TCM service is a “TV Everywhere” service that lets you watch movies on demand and live TCM broadcasts online and on devices that support the Watch TCM app.

On which devices can I watch TCM?

On iOS phones and tablets, go to (iPads).

Android phones

Amazon Fire TV (Fire TV)

The Apple TV (4th generation)

The Watch also works with Apple Airplay. TCM

Do I need to sign up for cable or satellite TV to use Watch TCM?

Yes. To use Watch TCM, you must have Turner Classic Movies at home through a cable or satellite TV provider.

Well, I can watch TCM at home. How do I use Watch TCM to watch movies? How do I sign in?

Here are three easy ways to get to and watch TCM.

1. Have your cable or satellite TV account login information ready. This is usually just your user name and password. Call your service provider if you don’t know what this is.

2. Choose a service provider from the list we’ve made. If you can’t find your TV provider, click “view all” to see a list in alphabetical order.

3. Type these details into the sign-up screen for “Watch TCM.” Your TV provider needs to be on the list of companies we work with. Watch TCM is only available to people who get TCM at home and have a TV provider that is on our list.

What movies are available?

On Watch TCM, you can find most of the movies that air on TCM. But some titles may not be available because they don’t have the right licenses. Shorts that air on the network and hosted introductions to movies are both available on Watch TCM.

How long do movies stay on the market?

After they air on Turner Classic Movies, movies are usually available on Watch TCM for 7 days. Most of the time, movies will be on Watch TCM 3 hours after they have been shown on the network.

Can I watch TCM as it’s happening?

Yes. On Watch TCM, there are two live shows. The feed for the West Coast shows movies at PST, while the feed for the East Coast shows movies at EST. No matter where you are, you can use Watch TCM to watch either of these live shows.

I didn’t see my favorite film. Will it return?

Most of the time, yes. Movies are often shown more than once on TCM throughout the year. If we have the rights to show the movie again on Watch TCM, we will.

How do I use Watch TCM’s Closed Captions?

Find the “CC” box on your online video player or video player on your mobile device. If the program has captions, checking this box will make Closed Captions appear.

Final Word! 

So, this is how you can turn on TCM on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV, and other devices. If the above steps helped you get your device set up so you could watch TCM, let us know. And keep coming back to newshunt99 to get the most up-to-date activation guide.