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SEO Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Search engine optimization is an area that is always changing, so it’s important to look for fascinating trends to follow. Despite all the modifications, Google Business Profile significance and other fundamental SEO rules, as advised by an SEO professional, remain the same. Rich voice search is one of the other SEO trends that keeps expanding in SEO Brisbane. While highlighting some of the top 7 SEO ideas for 2022, we are pleased to introduce a few beginners.

Artificial Intelligence in SEO Will Be More Important

 SEO is one of the many areas being transformed by artificial intelligence today, including healthcare and the business and financial services sector. According to a recent poll on marketing and AI, marketers want to apply AI to analyze user behavior and create more effective content strategies. Google’s ranking elements for SERP results will depend heavily on RankBrain. A significant component of Google’s artificial intelligence system, RankBrain, learns about people and their interactions with search results. You may better understand your customers’ experiences with a single search term with the aid of this algorithmic component.

Additionally, Google has stated how this algorithm will play a significant role in organic search. You may use artificial intelligence to examine how well your websites and content perform on various search engines. Comparatively speaking to manual analysis, AI-enabled review will be quicker.

Search Query Changes Due to Voice Search

Do you know that, in 2020, voice searches will account for more than 30% of online browsing sessions? The popularity of voice search has been boosted by voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, and it also has advanced thanks to smart devices like Echo and Google Home. According to estimates, a smart speaker will likely be in more than 50% of homes by 2022. According to these rising data, voice search is predicted to dominate search engines in 2022. As a result, you must improve your article for voice search to get a competitive advantage. People frequently use lengthier sentences when speaking to look for something, yet when typing, they frequently utilize short abbreviations.

Search Rankings Will Be Affected by


Mobile has already exceeded desktop in online surfing: in 2022, mobile devices accounted for 55% of total internet traffic, while desktops accounted for 42%. You must ensure that your article and pages are mobile-friendly due to the growing number of mobile internet users. Google introduced mobile-first indexing in 2019, which implies that the search tool would focus on a website’s mobile version and treat it as the “main” version rather than the desktop one. Therefore, you should make mobile-friendliness a top priority if you want to increase visitors to your website in the next years.

Higher rankings are guaranteed for content that adheres to Google’s EAT principle.

The level of your article is one factor that will consistently assist you with SEO. Ultimately, the highest quality will boost your search engine ranks. If you’re not utilizing the EAT strategy in your content for SEO, you might be losing out. The EAT acronym stands for knowledge, authority, and trustworthiness; these are the qualities that search engines such as Google seek in the material. The EAT concept is used in all Google algorithm improvements, which implies that only well-written and useful material will rank higher than other types. This EAT strategy applies to more than just your blog articles; most landing sites consider this framework while determining their ranking. Therefore, you must adhere to the EAT strategy to generate quality leads and potential clients for your company page.

Long-Form Content Can Boost SERPs

The most crucial component of SEO to get higher rankings on Google’s results pages for searches has been long-form content. But how long should your material be? Our State of Content Marketing Report found that content with 3,000 words or more receives four times as many shares and receives a three-fold increase in organic traffic. Additionally, they frequently generate 3.5 times as many backlinks than articles with an average word count of 900 to 1,200. Additionally, you should be aware that the top pages on the Google SERP have an overall content length of 2,400 words, which is lower for voice search at 2,300 words. To improve your content’s ranking and increase traffic, consider creating long-form content with over 2,000 words.

An efficient SEO strategy must include video.

A strong SEO strategy is starting to use video as a pillar. An improvement above simple text appears to be the internet video. For illustration, more than 1 billion active YouTube viewers consume daily video content. The presence of video content will immediately impact the SEO of your website. You must be aware that content with video is 50 times more likely than content with simple text to rank better and receive more visitors. It is the perfect moment to start producing videos for your brand if you haven’t already.

A Greater Role for Image Optimization in Search

SEO requires that your content be improved regarding accessibility, aesthetic appeal, and audience engagement. In addition to affecting how your photos appear in Google Images, image optimization affects other facets of your online presence, such as the popularity of your website. Ensuring your photos have the appropriate HTML characteristics is one of the crucial components of image SEO since it may help search terms like Google better comprehend your article. In 2022, visual image search is expected to continue to develop significantly. People will soon be using photos to buy goods, get information, and more.


In summary, the services of SEO Brisbane has been increasingly important in raising brand recognition and providing prospects for organizations throughout time, and it will do so in 2022. The online pages that search engines rank are always changing, making them wiser. Accordingly, it is paramount to be mindful of contemporary consequences. It is now imperative that you put into practice what you have previously learned about the next trends. Start implementing such approaches with your SEO tactic with the help of SEO professionals.