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How Do I activate Card Online?

How do I activate Card Online? This article will tell you about

If you have a question about how to activate the card at, you should know that the answer is available online.

Now that you have activated your Bi Pet Rebates card, you can use it to its fullest. You can look at your transactions and see how much money you have.

Go to and scroll down to find out everything you need to know about how to activate your Bi Pet Rebates card. Before we start, let’s go over the requirements for logging in.

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How to Get My Prepaid BI Pet Rebates Card

  • To get a rebate card, you must buy an animal or veterinary supplies at an authorized pet clinic.
  • The promotion code is printed on the receipt after purchase. Scan the receipt for a copy.
  • Enter in your browser.
  • Enter the offer code and purchase date on the receipt, then submit the scanned receipt and rebate form.
  • To acquire the form as a customer, give your mailing address in the customer information box.
  • Like the previous receipt, scan it for later use.
  • For the latter, you’ll need to upload up to four files, provide your personal information, and submit them.
  • On the thank you page, the pet owner will receive a tracking number for the card.

How do I register for activate online?

  • Log into
  • Enter the promotion code on the receipt.
  • Enter the receipt’s purchase date before continuing.
  • Upload a photo or scan of the receipt and discount form. This is additional proof of purchase for a Visa prepaid card refund.
  • After that, cardholders must fill in bodily facts such as address, name, and more.
  • Check the info and click “Submit.”
  • A thank-you page with a tracking number appears below.
  • This number will help cardholders trace the card’s arrival.
  • The application and Visa prepaid card are processed in 6 to 8 business days, regardless of activation.

Learn How to Check the Balance on Your Rebate Prepaid Visa Card.

  • When you get a reward card, check the balance and monitor it after purchases.
  • To check your card balance, go to balance or and click My Card Account.
  • Input the first 6 digits of the prepaid visa card, press enter, and then pick the relevant function.
  • Check your card balance, transaction history, or account statement.

What to do if you lose your BlPetRebates card

If a user loses a prepaid card or suspects it was stolen and unauthorized transactions were made, there are steps they can take to rectify the situation.

  • Contact customer service immediately.
  • Using this form, users can dispute unapproved transactions.
  • Before submitting, please fill out all the fields.
  • There are other ways to clarify the form. Send the form to Individuals can fax or send the form to 623-336-6699.
  • The Litigation Department, 6220 Stoneridge Mall Road, Pleasanton, 94588
  • Loss of a Visa prepaid card or unlawful transactions must be reported within 60 days to ensure a proper resolution.

How to use to log in to the website.

You will need the following to successfully activate your card:

  • The date you bought something
  • Add only the first 6 digits to the Offer Code Card Number.
  • SSN stands for “social security number.”
  • The Web browser was updated.
  • laptop, computer, cell phone, and tablet
  • An Internet connection that doesn’t go down and is fast

How to solve login or technical issues:

Here is where you can get help with Boehringer Ingelheim pet rebates if you are having trouble logging in or other technical problems.

  • Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA, Inc.
  • 3239 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, Georgia -30096
  • Call 888-637-4251 if you have questions about pet health products.
  • Toll-free number: 800 325-9167

Final Word!

So, here is everything you need to know about how to activate your prepaid bipetrebates account and log in to the website. If you have any questions about pet health products or the prepaid card, you can contact them at the address and phone number above.