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Bengal Boy and Karnataka Girl Marry while Playing PubG

A Boy from Bengal and a young Girl from Karnataka meet while playing PubG and eventually fall in love and get married.

People used to play the video game PubG, which has since been outlawed, on their mobile phones in large numbers. PubG Battleground is a game that is played by people from all over the world because it is highly addictive.

PubG has resulted in numerous incidents, both good and terrible. And now, for a couple from two different states, the game has played cupid.

Sainur Alam, a Dhupguri inhabitant, used to play PubG on a regular basis. During his time playing the game, he met a woman named Friza from Karnataka. While playing the game, the two became friends. They swapped numbers and talked on the phone for hours when they discovered they had feelings for each other.

Despite the fact that they had expressed their emotions for each other a long time ago, they had never met face to face. Friza came in Dhupguri on Saturday after flying from Bangalore through Bagdogra. Sainur answered the door after hearing the doorbell ring. According to Sainur, “When I saw Friza standing in front of me, I was taken aback. This surprised me.”

Sainur’s family members were initially taken aback. They couldn’t believe Friza would travel 2554 kilometres to come here just for love. Friza told her family members later, and the two married. Locals Maqbool Hossain and Firoz Hossain are overjoyed that the game has resulted in the hamlet gaining a daughter-in-law.

According to Sainur’s father, “Because of PubG, the four-year romance came to an end. We are overjoyed.”

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