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Make your custom gift boxes attractive with different printing options

Do you want the endearing custom gift boxes for your idolized ones or your business? We are here to tell you how to make them alluring by different printing techniques?

The significance of personalized gift boxes

This world is full of various and diverse celebrations and gifts. Your gift serves not only a personal but also an official purpose. Gifts make an essential event in your life more cheerful. Custom gift packaging can make such occasions more enjoyable. The box you choose for your gifts should accurately reflect your love and concern for others, just as your gift should. Custom gift boxes permit you to change and enhance the attractiveness of your gifts

Distinctive custom gift box’s packaging improves the business

Having a distinct design is the best way to improve your marketing game. People are always drawn to things that stand out from the crowd. This sentence is entirely up to you to interpret. You can achieve a distinct and appealing appearance using various add-ons, such as different printing options and other embellishments to wholesale gift card boxes.

Add different printing techniques to make custom gift boxes luxurious

As gifts symbolize love, and many luxury gifts are now available. So it is best to customize them with luxury packaging. There are many options to make custom gift card boxes appealing and attractive. Some of them are embossing, debossing, spot UV printing, hot foil stamping, cut-out patterns, etc. let’s discuss them one by one in detail.


Embossing is a papermaking technique that creates a raised three-dimensional pattern. An embossing die is connected to the composition board below high heat and pressure. The paper fibers are permanently imprinted with specific areas when the die is pressed against the paper. Embossing on a custom gift box improves its appearance and draws attention to even minor details printed on these wholesale gift box packaging. It conjointly improves the looks of the packaging.


Debossing creates a down impression on paper by applying high heat and pressure to a metal die. The paperboard is pressed against the die, then shaped or graphically printed. Heat and pressure press the die onto the paper, resulting in a depressed pattern (or impression). Debossing luxury gift card boxes makes them more appealing to customers because printing ink can be applied more efficiently and gives them an eye-catching appearance. As a result, embossed gift card boxes leave a hollow pattern on the paperboard, whereas debossed gift card boxes have a raised design on the surface of the packaging. If you cannot decide that the appearance is higher, you’ll use embossing and debossing on the constant box.

Hot foil stamping

Hot stamping, conjointly referred to as foil stamping, is a printing technique that involves applying pre-dried ink or foils to a surface at high heat. Despite its long history, foil stamping remains one of the most popular ways to make a product stand out. When you use a foil-stamped box, you’re telling your customers that what’s on the inside is essential. In the case of printed gift boxes, the more appealing the packaging is, the more customers are drawn to your brand. Thus, hot foil stamping gives your luxury gift boxes an enticing appearance.

Spot UV printing

Spot UV printing is one of the most alluring printing options that appeal to touch and sight. These printed gift card boxes can be introduced to your projects quickly and blindly to reap clear benefits. Spot UV coating is an unbeatable, truly one-of-a-kind effect because it provides eye-catching graphics that shine on top of printed inks. Brands use spot UV gift card boxes for product marketing and promotion. The spot UV treatment improves the appearance and adds a subtle pattern to the gift packaging boxes.

Inside printing

Inside printing also plays a vital role in increasing your company’s sales. For example, the inside printing on custom gift box packaging creates a fine and delicate appearance that attracts customers and thus helps to expand the business.

Window cut pattern

Window-cut gift boxes are used to increase the visibility of the merchandise. To increase sales, many products on the market require direct client interaction. For them, window packaging is the best option. These wholesale custom gift boxes and the windows that house them can be any size or shape. They can be of various styles. These custom gift card boxes can be beautifully printed to appeal to the target audience’s preferences.

Die cut pattern

Die-cut boxes are corrugated cardboard boxes that can be easily tailored to any shape, size, or specification. They are known as die-cut boxes because they are made from plain sheets of corrugated material using a die press (or die cutter) machine. Die-cut gift boxes are durable and keep gifts safe. These custom gift card boxes are also resistant to pressure and temperature changes, making them suitable for shipping. In addition, they enhance the appeal of your luxury gift boxes by providing various customization options, such as adding shimmers and glitters if desired.


Buyers prefer elegantly packaged items and attractively displayed in stores, mainly if the item is a delicate gift for a loved one. Custom boxes are critical in this situation. These wholesale gift boxes can be customized to attract customers by taking on a variety of unique shapes. Gifts reflect your personality and how much you value the people in your life. The gift enclosed in the enticing gift boxes is the icing on the cake.

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