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Lourdes Leon, daughter of Madonna, joins the conversation: Check out her debut single.

Lourdes Leon, daughter of Madonna, joins the conversation: Check out her debut single.

Lourdes Leon is making new music under a single name, just like her mother, Madonna, did.

daughter of Madonna joins the conversation:

The 25-year-old’s single, “Lock&Key,” came out on Wednesday under the name Lolahol. Chemical X Records, which is run by instrumentalist and composer Eartheater, put out the hypnotic club banger.

Lola, whose friends call her Lola, sings on the track, “Why can’t I just lock into a Polly Pocket?/It could all be crystal clear/Keep a picture of you in my locket.”

“Addicted to the comfort, yeah, yeah/Till the comforter gets too hot, too hot, too hot to sleep/I’m tossing and turning, yeah, yeah.” 
In the music video for the song, which was directed by Eartheater and choreographed by Leon and takes place in New York City, the singer walks a dog on a chain, hangs out the window of a car, and cuddles with a guy in a graveyard before coming out of a giant locket on the beach.

In the chorus, she sings in a breathy voice, “I need a breeze/Take me away.” “I have to take a breath/I have nothing to say.”

It’s not clear if the song’s title is a reference to Madonna’s hit “Open Your Heart,” which repeats the lyrics “I hold the lock, and you hold the key,” but it’s probably just a coincidence. 
Leon was born in October 1996. His parents are the pop singer Madonna and the actor Carlos Leon. She is the oldest of Madonna’s six kids and started out in show business as a model.

Lourdes Leon Last year, in an interview

Last year, in an interview with actor Debi Mazar for Interview Magazine, Leon said that even though she can sing, she doesn’t “care about” music. She also said, “Maybe it’s too close to home.”

“I don’t have a clear goal in mind. In October, Leon told Mazar, “I probably should.”

“Modeling is a good choice from a financial point of view. I like to be very involved in the campaigns I do, so I’m not just posing. I dance, I have a very particular sense of style, and I’m interested in beauty. So I like to use all of these things in my projects.

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