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Liz Cheney says US is ‘confronting a domestic threat’ in Donald Trump

Liz Cheney says US is ‘confronting a domestic threat’ in Donald Trump. Liz Cheney ripped into former President Donald Trump and GOP leaders at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Wednesday night. She talked about some of the damning details that the House select committee investigating January 6, 2021, has found so far and praised the bravery of witnesses, especially the young female aides, who have come forward to help the investigation.

Liz Cheney calls Donald Trump a “domestic threat”



Cheney, the vice chair of the House committee, said, “We are facing a domestic threat that we have never seen before: an ex-President who is trying to destroy the foundations of our constitutional Republic.” “And he is helped by Republican leaders and elected officials. who have made themselves willing hostages to this dangerous and irrational man.”

The congresswoman’s harsh criticism of Trump comes at a time. when it is said that the former president is thinking about running for office again, possibly before the midterms.

Cheney, a Wyoming Republican who faces a primary challenger backed by Trump later this summer, admitted that it would be “easier” to just turn away. But she also said that everyone has a duty to do something about Trump’s threat to democracy.

She said, “No party, no people, and no country can defend and keep a constitutional republic going if they accept a leader who is at war with the rule of law, the democratic process, a peaceful change of power, and the Constitution itself.”

Cheney went on to say that the nearly year-long investigation by the January 6 committee was showing “the full picture” of what Trump had done. “It’s clear now that the things Donald Trump oversaw and did were even scarier and more dangerous than we could have imagined,” she said.

Cheney told her own party directly that it might be “painful for Republicans to accept,” but that GOP members have to choose.

She said, to a round of applause, “Republicans can’t be loyal to both Donald Trump and the Constitution.”

Cheney took a more hopeful tone and said that. Some of the things she has seen and heard over the past year like the people who were willing to testify in front of the select committee, have given her hope.

“Especially the young women, who seem to know in their bones how dangerous this time is for our democracy.” And young women who know it will be up to them to save it, “Cheney said.” “And the young women I’ve met who have come to testify in front of the January 6 committee have deeply moved me.”

Cheney praised the former White House staffer, Cassidy Hutchinson who had given shocking testimony to the select committee the day before.

Some of her bosses, who are men many years older than she, hide behind executive privilege, anonymity, and threats. But it was amazing to see how brave and patriotic she was yesterday. “Cheney said.” “Little girls all over this great country are learning what it means to really love their country and be patriotic.”

The congresswoman ended by saying, “I want to talk to every young girl watching tonight.” You have the power, and you have to take care of it. Most of the time, men are in charge of the world today, and it’s not going that well.

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