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Who is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson husband?

“Who is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s husband?” If you’re a fan of the Supreme Court, You may not know that she married a doctor named Patrick G. Jackson, who is also a professor of gastrointestinal surgery and a surgeon.

In this case, Patrick G. Jackson is Ketanji Brown Jackson’s husband. It was 1996 when the couple got married, and it was the first time.

Patrick Jackson is a surgeon and a doctor. He is also a sixth-generation Harvard graduate. He teaches at Georgetown University.

Surgical oncology, minimally invasive surgery, and pancreatic surgery are some of the areas where he has the most experience.

When it comes to money, Patrick Jackson is thought to be worth about $5 million.

Jackson married Patrick Graves Jackson in 1996, and they had a son named Jackson in 1999. The two met while they were both undergraduates at Harvard, and they became friends. Jackson was a black woman who had been told by her guidance counsellor not to go to Harvard. Patrick was a white man whose family had been going to the university for generations. Even though their backgrounds were very different, they fell in love.

He became a doctor. Talia and Leila Jackson, Jackson’s two kids, were born to her and her husband. Her mother should be on the Supreme Court because Antonin Scalia died, and Leila wrote to President Obama to say that.

 ketanji brown Jackson husband’s job

Patrick Jackson is now a general surgeon at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, where he works. If you want to learn more about him, you can also go to Georgetown

Where is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson from?

In 1970, Ketanji Onyika Brown was born in  Washington D.C. She was born on September 14, 1970. She wanted to honour their ancestry, so Johnny and Ellery Brown asked a relative who was in West Africa with the Peace Corps for a list of African names for their daughter, who was born there. They chose the name Ketanji Onyika, which means “lovely one.”