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Jennifer Lawrence is loving being a mom

Jennifer Lawrence enjoys having children. Jennifer Lawrence talks candidly about having a baby.

The Oscar winner talks about her new life since giving birth to her newborn boy, Cy, in February in the October issue of Vogue. In the interview, Lawrence revealed the gender and name of her child with husband Cooke Maroney for the first time.

Jennifer Lawrence is loving being a MOM!

“Talking about becoming a mother,” said Lawrence, “is so terrifying.” “Only because everyone experiences it differently. Some people will feel uncomfortable if I remark, “It was fantastic from the start,” because they could think, “It wasn’t amazing for me at first.”

Jennifer Lawrence talks candidly about having a baby.
Jennifer Lawrence talks candidly about having a baby.


She recalled that before giving birth, a few of her acquaintances warned her that she would feel bad after giving birth but that she might not instantly feel a relationship with her son
. “Thankfully, I have a lot of loyal girlfriends,” who said, “It’s frightening.” You might not immediately click. It can take some time for you to find love. I was, therefore, feeling very ready to forgive. Everyone keeps telling me that I will love my baby more than my cat, and I remember thinking that when I was nine months pregnant and strolling with one of my best friends. However, that is untrue. She asked, “Perhaps I’ll love him as much as my cat?” 
Lawrence, though, was an exception. 
My heart has widened to a level I was unaware of. My hubby is also included in that. The morning after giving birth, I thought my entire life had just begun.

I was simply infatuated. I also developed a romantic interest in all babies. Babies are truly amazing. These small survivors are pink, bloated, and frail. I now adore all infants. A baby is now wailing in a restaurant, and I am thinking, “Awwww, precious.”

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