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Itasha Brunson Car Accident Mississippi

The attempt to take the lives of Itasha Brunson and her five children on Facebook Live stunned many people. Brunson is a mother of five from Mississippi who broadcasts her attempted suicide on the social media platform.

She claims that she was inspired to attempt suicide after learning that her lover was already engaged to another woman. She was involved in an extremely serious car accident just a few moments later.

According to Brunson in the nearly 20-minute video. she expressed her desire to commit suicide and made the decision to involve her girls. Because she wanted someone to “come with her.”

The I-240 in Memphis, Tennessee, was closed for many hours after the live footage was posted. according to The Courier Daily. Itasha was one of the people involved in the collision. It is alleged that Brunson was rushed to the hospital with two of her children for the treatment of a non-critical injury to one of them.

After receiving negative feedback on social media, Brunson stated that she had not intended to attempt suicide and that she had only been deeply saddened by the discovery that her partner was actually a married man.

As a result of the occurrence, several people expressed concern about her mental well-being. Others claimed she was only looking for attention, for which she claimed they were judging her too severely; nonetheless, she disagreed. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up in her honor to help with the expenses.