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How to turn off the voice on Roku Follow these simple steps.

How to turn off voice on Roku: Has your Roku device or TV started talking in menus or settings? There’s an easy method to silence an unexpectedly talkative Roku.

“Screen Reader” reads on-screen text for visually impaired Roku users. Once activated, the screen reader (previously called the Audio Guide) will read aloud the Roku user interface text and app descriptions.

The screen reader is essential for Roku users with vision impairments, but accidentally activating it can be annoying.

How may someone mistakenly activate the screen reader? It’s not hard.

Roku voice narrations off
Roku voice narrations off

Pressing the Roku remote’s Option (asterisk) button four times turns on the screen reader.

If you activate the feature, a pop-up will say “Screen reader enabled.” If you’re not paying attention, your Roku may start talking to you.

Screen readers are easy to disable.

Repeat the screen reader remote command by pressing Option four times in a row.

In Roku’s accessibility option, you can disable the screen reader.

How to turn off voice on Roku See Simple Steps:



  • Scroll down to Settings on the Home menu
  • then choose Accessibility > Screen Reader.
  • Choose “Off,” and you can enjoy the peace and quiet.

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