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George Jetson’s birthday? Perhaps Rosey/Rosie the Robot knows.

George Jetson’s birthday? This weekend, George Jetson’s name started getting a lot of attention. On social media, it was said that the popular cartoon character would be born on Sunday.

But did “The Jetsons'” patriarch really come into the world on July 31, 2022? It depends on who you ask, and his robot maid, Rosie, maybe the only one who knows for sure.

For years, Google’s page about George Jetson’s life has had the date of his birth, which would be Sunday, for years. No one knows where the July 31 birth date came from. The character’s Wikipedia page says that he or she was born “around 2022,” which is a much less specific date.

George Jetson’s birthday? Perhaps Rosey/Rosie the Robot knows.

George Jetson's birthday
George Jetson’s birthday

The Snopes article about Jetson’s missing birth certificate which came out in June 2021, was written by David Mikkelson, who said, “2022 is a reasonable guess for his birth year, though it is based on some speculation.”

Mikkelson mentioned an article from Gizmodo that looked into the more troubling question of whether George’s wife Jane. Who is thought to be seven years younger than him, was a child bride and whether George should be “cancelled” because of this. (SPOILER ALERT: Gizmodo thought the relationship was “creepy,” but not enough to cancel the show.)

Gizmodo said that in the episode “Test Pilot,” which first aired on December 30, 1962. A doctor told George Jetson that he “should live to be 150,”. Which made George say, “I have 110 nice years ahead of me,” you might say.

If the worker at Spacely Sprockets was telling the truth and didn’t round up or down, that means George Jetson was 40 years old. When he went to the doctor.

But what year was that appointment with the doctor? The show “The Jetsons” never said for sure what year. It was set in, only that it was in the “21st century.”

On the other hand, MeTV says that before the first episode of the show aired in 1962, promotional materials said that the Jetson family lived exactly 100 years in the future. (This source also confirmed that the name of the family’s robot maid was “Rosey” in the title of the first episode from 1962, but “Rosie” in the title of the first episode from 1985. But we’re getting off topic.)

So, should you have a party for George Jetson’s birthday on Sunday? It’s all up to you. The Heroes wiki on says that. Jetson is 45 years old, which means that his birthday was five years ago. Your results may differ.

Just don’t hold your breath that flying cars will be available in the next 40 years so you can finally avoid the potholes in New Orleans.