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‘Game of Thrones’ is in “House of the Dragon.” HBO Returns to War

‘Game of Thrones is in “House of the Dragon.” HBO Returns to War. Winter, move over! Fire and blood are on their way to Westeros.

HBO has put out the first official trailer for “House of the Dragon,” a prequel series to “Game of Thrones” that will premiere on Aug. 21.

‘Game of Thrones’ is in “House of the Dragon.” HBO Returns to War

'Game of Thrones' is in "House of the Dragon." HBO Returns to War


The show takes place 200 years before “Game of Thrones,” when King Viserys I was in charge. It tells the troubled story of House Targaryen during that time. And, of course, the Iron Throne is the one thing that everyone seems to want.

Everyone was surprised by the House of the Dragon trailer, which had stunning visual effects, an amazing score, and everyone’s favorite creatures, the majestic dragons. For the first time, we get a much clearer look at Vhagar and Caraxes, two of the most dangerous creatures in all of Westerosi history. At the time of the Dance of the Dragons, they were the biggest. Fans of Game of Thrones will get chills just from reading their entry.

The trailer brings up how different groups are always fighting for the Iron Throne and how the council can’t agree on who should take over the Targaryen legacy after Viserys. The clip was a Game of Thrones throwback. It had some amazing shots from battlefields, like broken shields and bones, and fight scenes that readers of Fire & Blood had been waiting for.

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen is played by Emma D’Arcy; Prince Daemon Targaryen is played by Matt Smith; Otto Hightower is played by Rhys Ifans; and Alicent Hightower is played by Olivia Cooke. Lord Corlys Velaryon, who is called “The Sea Snake” by Steve Toussaint, will be played by Paddy Considine as the powerful King Viserys I. Eve Best plays Princess Rhaenys Velaryon, Fabien Frankel plays Criston Cole, and Sonoya Mizuno plays Mysaria to round out the cast.

 It’s a pleasant surprise to be back in Westeros.

If your initial reaction to the Game of Thrones prequel was “Huh?”, then you’re in the minority. We can’t blame you if you just gave up on the whole thing. However, for the majority of us, it’s a pleasant surprise to be back. The story of Bran the Broken is, of course, the best one (sigh). But it’s nice to return to this world with a new cast that the showrunners won’t be able to change. The budget is really large (seriously, the dragons look amazing. And the brawls are exactly as filthy as they’ve always been. We’re back home.

Ramin Djawadi returns with a previously employed strategy.

Ramin Djawadi, who wrote the music for Game of Thrones, is also back, and it looks like he’s bringing a bit of Westworld with him. This trailer features Djawadi’s orchestra-heavy cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Venus in Furs.” It’s a bit of an obvious choice, since the mashup is all about beautiful women wearing furs, which is how he became known for his instrumental covers in his second HBO show. In addition

The conversation is very direct.

When a character says, “Knives will come out,” Prince Daemon (Matt Smith) is threatened with a knife in the next shot. A different character says, “War is on the way,” as a shot of two groups getting ready to fight shows. Over footage of a burned field, a voiceover tells us, “Your family has dragons.” Even though this makes us think, it’s just a trailer. And George R.R. Martin said that the writers did a good job and even made some improvements to his original story. We’ll just have to trust him for now.

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