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Emilia Clarke’s aneurysms have left her brain’missing’

Emilia Clarke’s aneurysms have left her brain’missing’.Emilia Clarke says that after she had two brain aneurysms, she was in “the most excruciating pain.” However, she is thankful for both her recovery and the fact that she was working on “Game of Thrones” at the time.

Emilia Clarke’s says! aneurysms have left her brain’missing’



During an interview with BBC’s “Sunday Morning,” she said, “‘Game of Thrones’ swept me up and gave me that purpose, which was incredibly helpful.”

In 2011 and 2013, the actress had life-threatening aneurysms. She said, “There’s quite a bit missing” from her brain now.

“When you have a stroke, any part of your brain that doesn’t get blood for even one second dies,” Clarke said. “So the blood goes around in a different way, but then whatever is missing is gone.”

She also said that because so much of her brain no longer works, “it’s amazing that I can talk, sometimes in a clear way, and live a completely normal without difficulty. “I am one of the extremely, extremely, extremely few people who can handle that.”

Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen on the hit HBO show, is now starring in the play “The Seagull” in London’s West End.