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Download Fall Guys for free!

Download Fall Guys, it’s time to join the chaos! Do you want more good news? You can get the game for free and play it by downloading it.

Fall Guys throws hordes of contestants together online in a mad dash through round after round of chaos that gets worse and worse until only one winner is left. As you make your way to the top, you’ll face strange obstacles with other players and have to deal with the unbending laws of physics. As you try to win the crown, you can expect to fail in funny ways.

The Game is open to Everyone: Download Fall Guys for free

This huge multiplayer party royale game is free to download and play right away.

Features of the Game

Compete with up to 60 other people in a series of crazy challenges and obstacle courses in the hopes of making the cut and moving on to the next round of chaos.

Competitive and cooperative: Tumble between free-for-alls and challenges that require working together. You can also take on the Blunderdome with friends in Squad mode.

Cross-play and cross-progression mean that you can play on any platform at any time. You are able to create groups with your pals regardless of the gaming platform that they use.

Watch with amusement as your fellow competitors jump, dodge, and dive their way to victory.

You can change the colors, patterns, costumes, and nameplates to your heart’s content. Celebrate your wins with trendy celebrations and show off your style with emotes.