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CryptoBlades – NFT Role-Playing Game – A Brief Understanding

You might have played various role-playing games (RPG) in your childhood period, like Tekken 3,Minecraft, League Legends, Pokemon Go. Do you know what role-playing games are? In thesegames, players take on the roles of characters in a fictitious world. Each game you play, you get thesuper-duper reward. Hope we get a reward in a game that works as a return on investment.

Do you believe that a role-playing game can help you achieve money that gets added into yourwallet and further you can use them in trading and gain profit? Well, yes there is a well-known gamecalled CryptoBlades, which is also an RPG game that will help monetize your rewards. So, what is CryptoBlades and how do we play this game?

This article will help you understand what an RPG cryptoBlades is all about and also what things youneed to keep in mind while proceeding with this game. When you click on, you getthe “CryptoBaldes Game” menu, just click on it. You get the following screen:

Everything on this game is SKILL that you may need to pay for getting your character to weapons asyou do in Fighting games. Now, let us understand how to play this game. What is CryptoBlades All

Tips To Play This Game

Please note that you need the following things to start the game:

● You need a MetaMask wallet. To start the game in this wallet, you need BNB. So, what is BNB? BNB is Binance, which is a crypto coin that is just like cash that you pay to perform any action in yourgame, which is likewise a transaction on a blockchain. Also, every transaction you do on a blockchain is having a price of around 3-4 Rupees (roughly speaking).

● You can start your game with just 5-7 USD as a beginner. Slowly you can proceed with more amount too.

● Further, you need to have a SKILL TOKEN. You can purchase this token using your BNB from the MetaMask wallet.

● Now, you will have to go to PancakSwap to convert this Token against the BNB. To acquire the SKILL TOKEN, please refer to coinmarketcap website. You can see the data collected on the CryptoBlades:

The token you see in this image is Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) having a rank of 1208 at 13: 47 p.m.

Characters and Weapons in CryptoBlades Games

● Now, when you have clicked on CryptoBlades Game, you find the two characters, as follows:

The characters which I have shown you above are recruited by you. What? Character recruited byyou? Yes, and how do you recruit them? Well, if you want to have a character in your game, youneed to pay 4.5 SKILL plus a BNB of around 3-4. After doing all this, you can play with your very own
new character.

● Next, to beat an opponent like in a PUBG, a fighter needs to have a weapon. Similarly, in this game, click on the Blacksmith menu to have your sword as a fighter. No,w if you wish to create yourown sword, you need to pay between 0.93 to 1 SKILL.

Now that you have created your desired ‘n’ number of swords by paying ‘n’ SKILLS, you can start your game.

● Do you know that for spending a SKILL and acquiring any resource, you need to have the required number of SKILLS too? So, how do we gain them? Well, you can do this by playing games, so simple!Like when you begin a game, you can gain around Rs. 140-150 and out of this amount, a BNB can bearound Rs. 20-25, meaning 125 BNB can be purchased in a day.

● So, as you enter the battlefield, there is a level difference between you and your opponent. Now,if you win this game, you get a SKILL TOKEN as a reward. Above all, when you forge the sword to playin the game, you see swords in the above image have a rating ranging from 1 star to 4 stars, and asthe rating increases, so is its range. Like when you forge any of the swords, these swords get addedto your MetaMask wallet (cyrptographic wallet, it can also be Trust Wallet, but MetaMask is
preferred to Trust) in the form CryptoBlades Weapon NFTs.

A cryptographic wallet like MetaMask is something that allows you to access your A browser extension or mobile app may be used to access an Ethereum wallet, which can subsequently be used to engage with decentralised apps. This means that every sword here is an NFT. Now, let us look intothe concept of NFT in our game.

NFT – Non-Fungible Token

Non-fungible token has two terms, i.e., Non-fungible and token. Let us say that non-fungible is asynonym for non-replaceable.

For instance, you and your friend went to a birthday party. There you clicked so many wonderfulpictures of those special moments. After reaching home, you started sharing these images onmultiple phones. So, do you think that the image remained unique? Well, no! It is because that image has got multiple copies.

Suppose in the same image, you encircled your photo in a group image and that remains with youonly, hmmm! Now that makes your picture unique! This uniqueness is actually a non-fungible thing.

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Now, proceeding with the second term – Token.

One day, Naina went to purchase milk worth Rs. 200. She scanned the QR code and paid by entering the UPI pin. Now, what process does it hold while transferring the amount? Well, a bank checks your account and provides you with money which you sent to the shopkeeper and here bank is a centralized organization to keep a check on your transaction and record-keeping too.

In 2009, Santoshi Namakato suggested a decentralized process. Suppose with Rs. 200 or 200 tokens,you want to do the transaction and this is not restricted to the bank or a single person, but tomillions of computers around the world to check if you have 200 tokens or not.

If yes, this transaction gets successful and permanent record forms. If not, the transaction gets disapproved. All these thousands of computers keeping a check on your account are public ledgers and this is what the concept of Blockchain prevails. Now, what this Blockchain has to do with NFT?
Let us look into this:

NFT – Its Relationship With The Blockchain

Suppose that a new film “Avengers Infinity War – N” is yet to be released on any Friday.
The director published the cover page of the movie. Many people research this image. So you cansee the scarcity of this image (being unique) has got a flood of value on the current market.

Like here the director has the ownership to prove that he has something that the world
may replicate infinite times, but can never be the rightful owner of this image. So, when
multiple non-ownership replicates are formed of a particular image, the value of the
image increases. This is similar to the saying: The more fakes a unique item has, the
more will be its value.

Therefore, NFT requires a person to prove his/her right ownership of a unique time. This is how NFT  plays an important role in Blockchain technologies. Our RPG too emphasizes this concept. Now, let us get back to CryptoBlades game.

Point To Note:

Anytime, you wish to switch to the new character and a weapon, and sell out the old ones, you can just visit the CryptoBlades marketplace, so whosoever purchases your weapon, the SKILL TOKENs get added into your MetaMask wallet automatically. Suppose someone purchases your five-star weapon, then you may acquire 1 BNB Token in exchange for it.

For instance, you marked to see your 4-star sword at 43 SKILL, which is equal to Rs. 200 SKILL.

Now let's enter the Combat zone. So, under this zone, you find some elements like Fire, Earth,Lighting, and Water.

Suppose that you have two elements Earth and Water. Among five swords, I have three swords ofEarth and two of Water. For example, you are at a certain level and need some more skills to get some more equipment, for this, you need to earn more SKILLS by playing a game.

In this way, playing the game and then gaining SKILL Tokens is how you are acquiring various battlesand continuing playing. The moment you win/lose is the one that decides you lost or were able to acquire the return on investment.