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The authorities say! Psychiatrists knew the suspect in the Copenhagen mall shooting.

Psychiatrists knew the suspect in the Copenhagen mall shooting, authorities say! Danish police said the suspect in the Copenhagen mall shooting was known to mental health doctors.

Sunday’s gunfire occurred at numerous spots in Field’s, a Copenhagen mall. Social media footage showed mallgoers fleeing and heavily armed police officers.

Copenhagen’s Police Chief, Soren Thomassen, stated that two 17-year-old Danes and a 47-year-old Russian were killed in the gunshots.

Two Danes and two Swedes with gunshot wounds are in serious but stable condition, while several more were injured exiting the mall, Thomassen said.

Only one of the four injured remained in critical condition Monday, according to Rigshospitalet.

The only suspect is a 22-year-old Dane. Thomassen said there’s no evidence the suspect had help, but an investigation is underway.

Earlier, police stated they arrested the man 13 minutes after the first emergency contact and that he was “carrying a firearm and ammo.”

Thomassen said there was no evidence the incident was a “terrorist act” or motivated by gender, and police believed the victims were chosen at random. “Psychiatrists knew him,” he remarked.

Manslaughter will be charged, Thomassen said.

Denmark has a low incidence of mass shootings


Danes rarely use guns. At a free speech event with Lars Vilks in 2015, a gunman killed one person and hurt three others.

As the police try to figure out what happened in the terrible shooting on Sunday, they are wondering how the alleged shooter got the gun and bullets he used, since Denmark has strict gun laws.

According to, an organisation that studies international firearm legislation, gun ownership is not protected by law in Denmark.

Danish authorities try to reduce gun violence by restricting gun ownership. says Danish gun licence applicants must undergo criminal and mental health background checks.

Only licenced gun owners can acquire, possess, or transfer firearms or ammunition. says that Danes must have a good reason to buy a gun, like hunting, shooting at a target, or collecting.

Copenhagen’s police chief revealed Monday that the alleged shooter lacked a permit.

“Run, run, run, there are still people shooting in there,”

the voice screamed.


Former Danish politician and athlete Joachim Olsen was on his way to the mall’s gym when he spotted massive crowds leaving.

People walking out with their hands over their heads resembled a US school massacre, Olsen added.

“People are running out, looking for friends and phoning friends and family inside,” he said. “Old people with arms around people taking them out, feet dragging across the floor.”

Olsen spoke to a man outside the mall who spoke to an off-duty paramedic with bloody arms.

“The police wouldn’t let him back in,” Olsen claimed.

Olsen said mall security tried to clear the people.

“We were rushing.” “Run, run, run, they’re still shooting,” the officers said.

Rigshospitalet, Denmark’s largest hospital, has taken in many victims and called in extra staff.

On July 3, 2022, shoppers leave Field’s in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The police have set up a single site where eyewitnesses can obtain support and share their experiences.

On Sunday, Danish police evacuated people from the mall’s Royal Arena. So Following the tragedy, the arena cancelled a Harry Styles show.

On Sunday night, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen sent condolences to the people who were hurt, their families, and the people who had died.

“We were all ripped from the beginning of summer. Unfathomable. heartbreaking meaningless. “Our beautiful and safe capital was transformed in a flash,” Frederiksen stated.

“Our thoughts and heartfelt sympathies are with the victims, their families, and all those impacted by the tragedy,” the Danish Royal House said.

Roberta Metsola, president of the European Parliament, also backed Denmark.

“Thinking of everyone in # Copenhagen in the aftermath of the mall shooting.”