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At least 46 people found dead in 18-wheeler in San Antonio

At least 46 people were found dead in 18-wheelers in San Antonio. The bodies were found at an intersection close to San Antonio’s Lackland Air Force Base. Chief of Police William McManus said that this was the deadliest case of people smuggling. He could remember in San Antonio.

Officials in San Antonio said on Monday night that. A tractor-trailer found near Lackland Air Force Base had the bodies of 46 dead people and 16 other people who were taken to hospitals.

At a news conference near the scene, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said, “This is nothing less than a horrible human tragedy.”

Local officials said that the federal government was now looking into the case. They also said that three people were in custody, but it wasn’t clear if they had anything to do with what happened.

A spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said that San Antonio police are helping Homeland Security Investigations with a criminal investigation.

The terrible thing was found near the corner of Cassin Drive and Quintana Road in Southwest San Antonio.

People were Found Dead in an 18-wheeler in San Antonio


Authorities at the federal, state and local levels think that the people who died were migrants. The 46 deaths from human trafficking and smuggling across the U.S.-Mexico border are disturbing. San Antonio Chief of Police William McManus stated this was San Antonio’s bloodiest people-smuggling case.

When police arrived, the truck’s doors were partially open and a body was outside. The rest of the body could be seen inside the truck. Charles Hood is the city’s fire chief. Said that it looked like the survivors didn’t have any water and were too weak to get out of the truck on their own.

Hood said, “We’re not supposed to open a truck and find piles of bodies inside.” “None of us go to work with that in mind.”


There were 12 adults and 4 kids taken to Hospitals Hood said he was “very hopeful” that they would make it. They were hot to the touch and had heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Meteorologists from the National Weather Service say that June 2022 is already. The warmest June ever recorded in San Antonio, even though there are still a few days left in the month.

NWS records from as far back as 1885 show that, on average, there are nine days in San Antonio when the temperature is 100 degrees or higher. NWS meteorologist Bob Fogarty said that. On 16 days this year, the temperature in San Antonio was 100 degrees or higher.

McManus told reporters he wasn’t sure if all the truck’s occupants had been discovered, and investigators didn’t know how many were in it. He indicated the truck wasn’t with the three suspects, but he didn’t elaborate.

According to Reuters, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo

Ebrard said the consul was headed to the crime scene. Ebrard said the victims’ identities are unknown, but Guatemalan officials stated that U.S. and Mexican authorities confirmed some are from Guatemala.

The Guatemalan consulate in McAllen is headed to a hospital to see if two of the still-alive youngsters are from Guatemala. The foreign ministry of Honduras said it is looking into whether any of the victims were from Honduras.

In 2017, police in San Antonio found 39 undocumented immigrants in a tractor-trailer that was so hot that 10 of them died. The truck driver got a life in 2018.

McManus said that the first call to the police about the truck came from a worker in the area who heard a call for help and went to check it out.

A law enforcement official says that. It looks like people were trying to jump out of the tractor-trailer. Because some of the dead were found in different places on different blocks. The official said that the tractor-trailer had a refrigeration system, but it didn’t look like it was working.

The official said that many of the people who were found in the car seemed to have steak seasoning on them. This may have been done to hide the smell of people while the smugglers were transporting them.

In 2003, 19 immigrants who didn’t have papers were found dead in a trailer with no air in Victoria.

The Rio Grande Valley Sector of the Border Patrol said. Last week that it had stopped four attempts. To bring in people illegally, which led to the arrest of 50 people.

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said “

I am heartbroken by the tragic loss of life today. And I am praying for those who are still fighting for their lives.”Far too many families, women, and children. As well as single people, have died on this dangerous journey.”

In a tweet about the incident. Governor Greg Abbott said that the deaths were caused by President Joe Biden’s “deadly open border policies.”

On Twitter, Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat who is running against Abbott for governor, said on Twitter that what happened is “devastating.”

On Twitter, Gustavo Garca-Siller, the Roman Catholic archbishop of San Antonio, said, “Once again, the lack of courage to deal with immigration reform is killing and destroying lives.” We don’t get better. God, show us how to change.

Ruben Minutti, the Mexican consul general in San Antonio, told Mexicans. Who wanted help or more information about the incident to call the consulate at 210-872-4386.

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