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After 2 million streams, Amazon Prime rejects a black woman millionaire.

More than two million people have viewed the first episode of Dr Venus Opal Reese’s docuseries Hot Mess Millionaire in less than six months, including numerous five-star Amazon Prime reviews. When Dr Venus submitted the full series to Amazon, the site refused to accept it.

The Hot Mess Millionaire series:

Dr Venus Opal Reese is the inspiration for the Hot Mess Millionaire series. She tells the “raw and uncut” truth of what it takes to be “self-made” – from being destitute on Baltimore’s “rough streets” to earning a PhD from Stanford and being a Black woman millionaire.
A huge house. Automobiles of the highest class. See the world.

Home-based multimillion-dollar enterprise. I wish you all the best in your union. The best-selling novelist.. With her “out” status as an American, Dr Venus had achieved the American Dream. It wasn’t long before her Cinderella fantasy turned into a nightmare because of the trauma of living on the streets.

The anguish of getting turned down by

Venus admits that she was devastated. In spite of all the hoopla about making room at the table for women and people of colour, it appears those seats are designated for superstars, not up-and-coming writers/producers. Make no mistake about it: I’m grateful that my pilot was streamed. It wasn’t necessary for them too.”

She goes on to say, “It has opened doors for me that I never would have been able to open on my own.” There was a need for a Black woman to speak the truth on their platform, for which my book received rave reviews. My confidence in their desire for more of the series had been bolstered by their approval of the pilot.

In contrast, Dr Venus jumped to her feet and shouted, “Yes!”

Rather than abandoning the project, Dr Venus has decided to self-produce the series on her YouTube channel and distribute it with her followers on social media. “As Black women, we frequently can’t wait for a place at the table,” she says in response. We have to make our own tables a lot of the time.

The eight-part series premiered on YouTube at 4 p.m. PST on Thursday, October 22, 2020. Join the Hot Mess Millionaire Facebook Community for unique access, “1st Look Screenings” of each episode, and business Q&A with Dr Venus.

Black women, Dr Venus adds, “should not wait to be selected because I am devoted to giving us the means to do it on our own”.