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How To Activate Tntdrama.Com On Roku, Fire TV Apple TV, Xbox, PS4

On the Tntdrama.Com platform, users can watch all of their favourite shows from different TV channels. You can watch them on any device without connecting to a cable TV service. On the website, you will need to enter an activation code to turn on your device. Let’s find out everything there is to know about how to turn on TNT Drama.

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How to Activate Tntdrama on Roku

Follow these steps to activate TNT DRAMA on your Roku:

  • Open Roku’s home screen.
  • Next, visit the channel shop and search for TNT DRAMA.
  • Click on “TNT DRAMA” and then “Add channel.” Your Roku’s home screen will show TNT DRAMA.
  • Launch TNT DRAMA on Roku to acquire an activation code. Record it.
  • Then visit on your phone or another device to acquire the verification code.
  • To access the TNT DRAMA Pass, visit TNT, enable Roku, and input the code that was displayed earlier on the screen.

How to Activate Tntdrama on Amazon Fire TV Stick

The following are the necessary procedures. To that end, don’t be afraid to have a check. To activate TNT DRAMA for Amazon Fire TV utilizing the TNT activate website,

  • First, open your Fire TV’s Amazon Appstore and search for TNT DRAMA.
  • Next, launch the app and go to settings.
  • Find TNT DRAMA and activate the device. TNT Drama has started.
  • Click “Connect” to start watching your Cartoon subscription on your Amazon device.
  • These instructions apply to Amazon Fire TV Stick.

How to Activate Tntdrama on Apple TV

  • Install and get the TNT drama channel.
  • Open the app’s settings.
  • Choose “Activate,” then “Activate,” and note the code.
  • Select your device at (Apple TV).
  • Enter an Apple TV activation code after selecting a TV provider.
  • After a few minutes, an email confirms activation on TNT Drama’s Apple TV app.
  • The same process for DirecTV and other services

How to Activate Tntdrama on Xbox

  • Search for TNT DRAMA on Xbox and download the app.
  • Now click “Activate Channel” on Xbox.
  • Choose your TV provider to get the activation code.
  • Visit TNT from your mobile phone and enter the activation code.

How to Activate Tntdrama on PS4

To get the TNT DRAMA app operating on PS4, follow these steps:

  • On your PS4’s home screen, select TV > Video.
  • If you haven’t already, get TNT DRAMA from the Playstation store.
  • After selecting a TV provider from the drop-down menu, you’ll receive an activation code.
  • Enter the activation code on using your mobile device.


TNT has activation codes. Users can watch their favourite TV shows on TNT Drama. Without a cable connection, they can be viewed on any device. These instructions apply to Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick. TNT DRAMA will be your Roku’s home screen. Enter the code to activate the channel. If you haven’t already, get TNT DRAMA from the Playstation store.

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