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How to Activate HGTV Channel on Streaming Devices!

The Discovery Network introduced how to Activate HGTV Channel for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung smart TV, and more. You may now watch HGTV for free. will activate the HGTV app. HGTV app users can view a live feed nationwide after activation.

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 what is HGTV Actually?

The full name of the American TV station HGTV is “Home and Garden Television.” It mostly moves things related to appliances, modular kitchens, and garden supplies. It belongs to Discovery, Inc., and only people in the United States can use it. It can watch on Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV.

Activate HGTV On Roku

If you follow these steps, it’s easy to get the most out of HGTV on Roku.

  • Go back to your Roku’s home screen.
  • Open the Roku channel store, look for HGTV Go, and add it.
  • Open the HGTV Go app on your TV with a Roku connection.
  • The activation code appears on the TV.
  • Any web browser can be used to go to
  • Type in the code to turn it on.
  • Click “Activate.”

To receive the activation code, follow your device’s instructions. To activate Roku, connect your computer and device to the internet.

Activate HGTV On Amazon Fire TV is the HGTV Fire TV activation code.

  • Starfire TV. To achieve this, press the TV’s home button.
  • Search for “HGTV” without quotations on Amazon Fire TV.
  • Install the HGTV app on your Amazon Fire TV by clicking “Get.”
  • Launch the HGTV app on your Fire TV, then visit
  • On a phone or computer, visit
  • Enter the TV’s code exactly. If it’s in capitals, enter it that way; don’t alter lowercase to uppercase.
  • Sign into your TV account. is the next step to activating HGTV. HGTV will start working on your Amazon Fire TV if there’s nothing else to do.

Activate HGTV On Apple TV

Follow these instructions to activate HGTV on your Apple TV:

  • Launch the App Store application that is installed on your Apple TV.
  • Look it up on HGTV.
  • Choose the application.
  • Make sure you choose “Get”.
  • If you have not previously logged in with your Apple ID, you will need to do so before downloading.
  • Launch the app once the installation is complete.
  • Make sure to copy down the activation code.
  • Navigate your browser to
  • Input the secret code.

Activate HGTV on  Samsung Smart TV

To activate HGTV on your Samsung TV, follow these steps.

  • The menu is displayed by pressing the “Home” button on the Samsung TV remote.
  • Press “Enter” on the Samsung TV remote to open “Apps.”
  • Search for “HGTV” using the Samsung TV magnifying search box.
  • Install HGTV on your Samsung smart TV by clicking “Install.”
  • Launch the HGTV app on your Samsung TV by clicking “Open.”
  • The HGTV app shows a link to, an activation code, and instructions.
  • Visit on your phone or PC.
  • On the Samsung TV, enter the HGTV activation code and click “Activate.”
  • Choose your TV provider and login info. will validate the code. The HGTV activation code screen will refresh the TV and sign you in for live programs and events after the code is confirmed.


Discovery Network created so users could set up HGTV Go on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and other devices. The channel shows home repair, real estate, and lifestyle. Here’s how to set up HGTV GO on Roku. Install the app on the channel’s preview page. Watch Enter the code, and click “Activate!”

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